Keis Heated X900 Outer Gloves (Dual Control)

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Your Keis X900 Heated Outer Gloves can be powered from a motorcycle 12V battery (lead supplied), or via an optional 2600mAh Keis Lithium Battery.

Connect the Keis X900 Gloves to a 2600mAh battery by using a Y-lead.

Designed to provide warmth over a variety of applications including motorcycling, skiing or whatever activity you choose. Features: Micro Alloy-Fibre Technology for extreme comfort and reliability. Rugged leather palm with breathable textile upper. Integral, three heat level controller for ultimate control. Complete with all required wiring and full easy to follow instructions. Current Draw 1.0A. Typical Power 13W.

Please Note: The X900 Gloves come complete with everything required to power them directly from a motorcycle battery. However our X10,X20 and X30 Bodywarmers incorporate integrated power sockets specifically to power Keis Heated X900 Gloves using optional connection leads: Part No W54-370100.

Please Note: The X900i gloves can be powered from the motorcycle battery, or a Standard Keis 2600mAh Lithium Battery. The Standard Keis Lithium Battery is an optional extras.